Lectures and Workshops

In addition to my private practice where I see individuals, couples and conduct groups, I also present seminars and workshops.  I am a regular teacher at the Jung Center of Houston and also present seminars to corporations, retreat centers, and other organizations.  To see an interview about my work as a teacher, click here.

Some previous seminars and workshops:

Chevron Town Hall Session:  Psychological Types

Cultivating Satisfying Relationships:  The Essentials

Understanding and Working with our Dreams, A Practical Approach

Ethics Through the Lens of Play

The Secret Lives of Emotion:  Envy

The Secret Lives of Emotion:  Shame

Understanding and Working with our Complexes

Jung’s Technique of Active Imagination:  Exploring our Deeper Self

Meeting the Shadow–Connecting with the Disowned Self

Principles, Rules & Essentials for Optimal Interpersonal Relationships

Understanding Complexes and the Role of “The Past” in Relationships