Psychotherapy Services Houston

I am experienced in working with a broad range of people and issues.  My approach keeps in mind that as human beings we have both a rational and known, and also unconscious and unseen aspects of ourselves.  Through a collaborative nonjudgmental effort, we will together explore the limiting perspectives, thoughts, habits, and behaviors that leave you feeling dissatisfied with yourself and your relationships.

Individual Psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy can help you cope with painful emotions, work through traumatic experiences, and change troubling behavior.  It can help you improve your relationships with others and prevent the past from interfering with the present.  Individual psychotherapy can be helpful with Depression, Anxiety, PTSD and Trauma, Grief, Relationship Issues, Creativity, Adjustment to Life Transitions, Self Esteem, Vocational Dissatisfaction, and Spiritual and Multicultural Concerns.

Couple’s Counseling Houston

Sometimes couples get stuck and are unable to resolve issues leading to unhappiness, dissatisfaction, or despair.  It is possible to stop the blame and hurt, and resolve disputes.  Couples therapy can help you have better communication, intimacy, and a stronger commitment that will allow your relationship to thrive.

MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessments)

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an assessment tool used in a variety of contexts.  It is used to help people discover the best jobs/careers for them–job satisfaction and contentment is often contingent on finding the right “fit” with our personality style.  Knowledge of personality type also allows one to see differences among people as ways of “being” instead of behavior that is “wrong” or intended to annoy us.  Couples and other close relationships benefit form a nonjudgmental understanding of differences that are normal but which are often at the root of conflicts, irritations, and misunderstandings.

Immigration Evaluations Houston

Looking for a psychosocial immigration evaluation in Houston?  I conduct immigration evaluations in English or Spanish for I-601 waiver, VAWA, and U-visa cases.    The evaluation can greatly strengthen your immigration case.

Evaluacion de inmigraciones en Ingles/Espanol Houston.