Telehealth/Online Therapy

I offer my clients (current and new) the option of telehealth/online therapy.  This works well for those who find it difficult or impossible to meet face-to-face.  Sessions via the internet can be as effective as office visits for many conditions and allow clients to experience psychological insight and support while remaining in a familiar environment.

Telehealth/Online Therapy Preparation

Please review the information on this page to get your space and tech set up before your online session.

Create a Confidential Space

Use a private space where others will not have access during your online session.  Ask others who have access to the space to respect your privacy and not enter the room during this time.

If others outside the room can hear you talking, create white noise with a fan, air purifier, or other form of background noise.  You should place this outside the door of the room you are in during your session.  You can also consider using headphones or earbuds so that only you can hear the therapist’s voice.

Sometimes it is hard to find a confidential space.  Consider some less than ideal secondary choices when the ideal setup isn’t available.  People sometimes use laundry rooms, basements, parked cars, and walk-in closets.  If you do use your car, park in a safe, private spot

Technical Setup

Use a laptop or desktop computer if you can with the biggest screen size that you have available.  If you are using a tablet or phone, place the device on something so that it is stable, and the camera is level with your eyes.  Whatever device you use, get the camera at eye level.  You may have to prop your device or monitor on something.  Also make sure you are well lit and don’t have a bright light directly behind you.

IMPORTANT:   Close any programs you don’t need which use your internet connection (close all other tabs on your browser and temporarily disable back-up programs, etc.)   Also move your computer as close as you can to your WiFi router or consider plugging your computer into the router with a cable.